Woodlands - Den Building

On Friday, Safiyah Ayoub and Jordan Stewart took part in a den building session during Forest School. As a team, Safiyah and Jordan had to work together by choosing and harvesting some branches to use as den poles from the school academy woodland. Once they had chosen the branches, they had a safety talk and demonstration on how to use the tools safely, then it was over to them to work together and keep each other safe whilst using the tools. Safiyah and Jordan then had to choose a place in the grounds of the academy to build their den with just 3 poles, a tarpaulin and some paracord with Mrs Godwin as their assistant. Safiyah and Jordan worked really well together by problem solving and building a den that was safe to use and would protect them from the elements. As this was their first attempt, they had to review and reflect upon the choices they made and have already decided on future modifications. Safiyah said " I enjoyed myself and it was a fun working with Jordan, it was something different and nice to be outside".