Students to the rescue with their first aid training

We are so proud of these three young ladies in Year 8. A lovely postcard sent in by a member of the community after our girls helped someone in need with the first aid skills they have learnt in the sessions we provide in school.

Every child at some point will learn first aid with Mrs Jenner and Mr Islam. In this session they learn basic first aid skills such as the recovery position and how to deal with serious bleeding. They also learn CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). The students are split into forms and partake in a six-hour session with fully qualified first aid members of staff. Students are rewarded with a certificate at the end of the training day which is valid for three years.

We are so proud that these girls have put their skills to fantastic use and been such a help to a member of our community.

Well done Heather, Bethan and Olivia!