STEM Stars Win RAF Competition

Our budding engineers put their skills to the test today, competing against students from 3 other schools at a special STEM event delivered by Engineers from the RAF!

The students were split into two groups and competed against each other in two engineering themed tasks. The first challenge was to build a car out of mechano, carrying a transponder that would identify the mines.

The test was to build a car that would travel the furthest without hitting the mines using only the tension of elastic bands to motorise the wheels.

The second task was to build a helipad - using only glue and paper - that would take the weight of a square block which represented a helicopter.

10 pieces of paper were given out free and with students having to use their negotiation skills to buy any more supplies. The winning team would be the team that built the highest tower capable of holding the weight of the blocks!

Wisdom and Mahnoor won the car challenge and both received a prize each.

Tony Ensor, Man United Foundation Hub Development Officer, said: “Overall it was a fantastic event and all the students enjoyed themselves. Our students gave each task their all, working well as a team and together coming up with some great ideas. They will have benefited a lot from the experience.”