Manchester United Business Enterprise

29 students in year 9 at The Oldham Academy North had the privilege of a three day work shop with Manchester United Foundation, where students learnt all about business and enterprise. The sessions were red by the Academy’s Manchester United Foundation representative, Rob Field, and also Manchester United Foundation enterprise lead, Rob Martin. The first day took part in our school grounds, where the students were introduced to the course.

Manchester United Dressing Room

The second two days took part at Old Trafford, the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. This opportunity is one the students will never forget. Working in one of the state of the art suites, learning about gaining confidence, the different roles which businesses have and developing their own ideas and ultimately created their own business venture. To conclude a fantastic three days, the lucky students had the opportunity to take a tour of the Manchester United museum and the famous stadium. The students were mesmerised by the size and scale of the football stadium and engaged when being told all about its history. They had VIP access to the clubs changing room, meeting rooms and invitation only room, which was very special indeed! The students at the end presented their business idea, their job roles and even produced a live action advert to promote their business. The students said it was “amazing” and they had the “best time ever”. A huge thank you to our partners Manchester United Foundation for this incredible opportunity for our 21st century learners.