Art for the community

We currently have an exhibition of artwork from our community art group displayed at Royton library. The exhibition is made up of pictures and text from the ceramics the group produced with Mrs Hill. The article below is a piece of writing from the group who wanted to share their thoughts on the experience.

I honestly thought when I embarked on this journey, I would be making something simple like a thumb pot, perhaps? Nice and easy, not with Esther, if you’re doing it, you do it all and full on, it’s great having a teacher who really loves to teach, such a difficult subject, with such ease and passion. Esther keeps you grounded, yet pushes you to try and give your best shot, I like that. Mrs Hill takes time with each of us in the group, making sure you have everything you need to work with.

Community art classes

I have never worked with clay or ever thought I would, I’m finding this experience totally thrilling. The sense of achievement one feels, every time you enter the world of pottery is something everyone should really have a go at. To feel the clay between your fingers, smooth, silky, and sticky, yes, very sticky, and messy. Then working the clay into shapes you didn’t even know was possible? This is truly captivating and yet scary at the same time. To be encouraged in your work, and feel anything is possible is really powerful. It’s surprising what you can do in such a short space of time, given the one hour a week that has been allocated. The hour and week goes so quickly, and soon it’s Thursday morning again, yippee. As a group we feel truly grateful for this opportunity to work alongside such a talented individual, who is happy to guide you, into identifying, planning, and finally creating your own personal piece of art work.

Many thanks, Esther, for all you’re time, patience, skill and belief in us! Neil, Neil, Stewart and Marion.