Welcome to Year 9

Miss D Henry  Head of Year 9 Mrs C Higgs

My role entails providing advice, guidance and pastoral support to students in my year group with a firm but fair approach.  Within my role I am able to identify student barriers and identify strategies to overcome them, as these could affect their learning and restrict their future achievements.  I am a parent myself and can expect the best from and for each student within my year. 

Attendance & Puntuality

I have a strong focus on attendance and punctuality and understand how this links with achievement.  An absent student misses valuable learning opportunities, in Year 9 we work as a team and have Form challenges to raise student attendance and punctuality.  This important year is when students make choices for their final 2 years and subsequently their future.  Attendance and punctuality will affect their opportunity to choose.  Options are extremely important and students should chose subjects which will be beneficial to them when they leave to go into further study after year 11.

 Behaviour (Negative & Positive)

It is important to me as Head of Year to reward students for their achievements and give encouragement and recognition through the Academy’s Vivo Rewards System, as well as sending positive postcards home.  Positivity and recognition paves the way for success.  Within the year group we are appointing students to various roles, from Student Form Representative to Student Mentors, each of these roles hold personal responsibility and show representation for the Year Group.  These have been chosen either by students applying or on staff recommendation.+

In all year groups it is important that students need to take responsibility for their actions.  In year 9 students are maturing and need to understand that with actions there are consequences.  It is important for me to educate students pastorally, and feel that they need to understand empathy for others, learn from mistakes and move on.  The Academy has a very effective behaviour system which all students need to uphold.


As well as a focus on learning and achievement, students should gain as much life experience as they can.  The Academy is fortunate to offer the Futures Programme to students in every year group.  Students are given many opportunities to experience different things outside of the classroom to enhance their knowledge and life skills.  As part of the Futures Programme, Year 9 students attend a First Aid Course in the Academy over a full day.  First Aid is a valuable life skill which can make a difference to themselves, their families and others.  On completion every student is awarded a recognised First Aid Certificate.


Recently, Mr.Gupta, myself, and 6 Year 9 Students attended a Football match at Oldham Athletic Football Club.  The game ended at 5-2 to the opposition but the students behaved impeccably and were a credit to both the Academy and their families.