Year 7

Joining us Transition programme

Miss O’Connor – Head of Year 7 and Transition

My role is makes sure that not only are students achieving, but that every student is happy, safe and
genuinely enjoy’s their journey here at TOAN. I want to make their experience fun, exciting and place for them to thrive!


 Mrs Smith – Transition & Year 7 Learning Mentor

My name is Mrs Smith and I am the transition and learning mentor for year 7. My role is to help students overcome barriers to learning and any additional problems they have.

I am always on hand to listen to the students as I am here for them. Year 7 is a crucial year for students as this is the time where they first taste secondary school and we need to ensure there time here at the academy is a pleasant one. We work hard to support all our students and my role is to be on hand to help them with whatever they need support with.


Year 7 Form team

We are very lucky that we have our very own Year 7 Hub where we are all based for form every morning before our lessons. We have hand pick the very best staff for our Year 7 form tutors to support student’s transition (Thursday morning during form taking a picture will email this to you).

7.1 Mr Massey   7.2 Miss Burns  7.3 Mr Mason  & Miss Nash   7.4 Miss Choudhury   7.5 Mr Banks & Miss Pooley-lit   7.6 Mrs Calland 7.7 Miss Smith & Miss Oates 7.8 Mrs Jenner 7.9 Miss Heppenstall


Student Leaders and Form Reps

To help support our year group we have our very own student leaders who help Miss O’Connor every morning. Every form also has two form reps to help our form tutors each morning and also compete check lists to help their forms gain weekly form points to comlete to be the best form!

Student leaders: Scarlett Moradyn, Md Ukasa, Aleisha Hughes


Head of Year Support

Need advice?  Any questions?   Worried?   Being bullied?  
Need a chat?  Or homework help?   Lost timetable?


I am on duty in the Year 7 Hub every day during break and lunch so that students always have the opportunity to find me and speak about any worries or problems they might have.