At the academy we are proud of the numerous musical experiences that we offer our students. We recognise the importance of music as an enjoyable, enriching and educational activity that benefits our students culturally, socially and academically.

Year 7 & 8 Singing Sessions

We fully support the idea that students should have the opportunity to make music together. In Year 7 and 8, all students receive morning singing sessions ran by our voice teacher from Oldham Music Service. Sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and accessible to all abilities (e.g. rapping and beatboxing). During sessions, students learn the structure and different parts of music and rehearse group parts of a song. Every student then performs their group piece in an assembly. Students who demonstrate a talent or interest in singing are identified and can join the school choir or receive vocal tuition lessons.

School Choir

The school choir welcomes students from all year groups and is an opportunity to learn a variety of different styles of songs and prepare them for performance. Our school choir has performed in local competitions and is always a fundamental part of performances planned (and unplanned) at the academy. See the video below to watch our choir in a recent ('unplanned') flash mob. 

Here is a recent 'Flash Mob' performance from the Oldham Academy North Choir for you to check out.


Personal Tuition

At TOAN we want to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and can make progress in music. Personal tuition is available to all students and is heavily subsidised by the academy. Interested students can receive string, brass, woodwind, keyboard and vocal lessons. Lessons take place in school, and are led by qualified, specialist teachers from Oldham Music Service. Once signed up, students receive an instrument, which they can take home to practice. They attend weekly lessons, which are rotated around their timetable. By receiving tuition, they will also be encouraged to take part in other Oldham Music Service events.

These experiences are helping to generate a love of and a confidence in music, and along with other performing arts areas, is growing in the academy. We actively look for other musical opportunities for our students to participate in and look forward to seeing our young vocalists and instrumentalists make progress.