Learning beyond the classroom

At the Oldham Academy North, we believe that learning should not be limited purely to the classroom.
Student have extensive opportunities to take part in school trips to locations in the local area
and beyond, as a way of supplementing their learning at the academy. Recent trips have included: 

As part of the Year 7 futures programme all students complete an outdoor activity day which is complete with Castleshaw staff up at Dovestone reservoir. The aim of this is to provide students with life experiences and complete team-building activities to also help us work more effectively with other students.

Students have been visiting a form at a time with their form tutor and also Miss O’Connor (Head of Year) which has also been a great bonding experience for us together. All the students have loved their visits and the most popular part has been where students have the option to climb through a dark tunnel which has a river flowing through it. We have 4 forms left to visit who are all very excited to complete this after half-term.