Health and Social Care


This course is designed to give pupils an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of the development and care of children from conception to the age of five years within a variety of contexts. Their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence relating to their personal interest will also be developed. Pupils will also have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and to manage a range of resources in order to develop items which are suited to the needs of individuals or families, and to recognise the influence of current trends. It promotes an understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child.

Pupils will be taught the following six compulsory core areas.

  • Family and Child
  • Food and Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Physical Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Social and Emotional Development


Unit 1: Principles of Child Development (40%) Written Paper: 1½ hours 80 marks One paper which will be externally set and marked, targeted at the full range of GCSE grades. The paper will contain short-answer, structured and free response questions drawn from all areas of the specification and will assess the quality of written communication.

Unit 2: Child Study (30%) Controlled Assessment 60 marks. One task to be selected from a bank of three tasks set by WJEC, to include investigation and production focusing on a child's development. Duration: 15 hours to commence in the first half of the course. Internally assessed using WJEC set criteria and externally moderated.

Unit 3: Child Focused Task (30%) Controlled Assessment 60 marks One task to be selected from a bank of two tasks set by WJEC, to include researching, planning, making and evaluating. Duration: 15 hours to commence in the second half of the course. Internally assessed using WJEC set criteria and externally moderated.

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AQA GCSE Health and Social Care (Single Award)

  • actively engages students in the processes of Health and Social Care to help them develop as effective and independent learners
  • encourages students to understand aspects of personal development and the health, social care and early-years sectors through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations
  • develops a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving within the health, social-care and early-years sectors
  • examines issues which affect the nature and quality of human life including an appreciation of diversity and cultural issues
Pupils will study the following two units in KS4.
Unit 1: Understanding Personal Development and Relationships 
Written Paper - 1 hour 15 mins - 70 marks - 40%
Stages of physical growth and intellectual/social/emotional development
External examination 
Unit 2: Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision
Controlled internal assessment - 20 hours - 80 marks - 60%
Needs of client groups, access and barriers to provision, work roles
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