Year 8 and 9 follow a skills based curriculum, incorporating social themes which are aimed at developing skills, whilst encouraging ideas and expression about issues. Students cover six projects a year which emphasise making, performing and responding to material. At KS3 there are ample opportunities for students to participate in performance and the projects are designed to highlight popular and performance orientated drama, making it interesting, fun and accessible for all students.

Students develop dramatic skills and techniques, including freeze frame, hot-seating, sound collage, thoughts aloud, thought tunnel, mime and many more to explore themes such as bullying, peer pressure, pop culture and circus.

AQA Performing Arts GCSE

Students studying Performing Arts at GCSE experience a course which is varied and stimulating as well as challenging. Because the course is so varied, no two lessons are the same. This GCSE provides the opportunity to experience the performing arts through active participation in performance work. We study a wide range of performance, design, technical and management skills relating to the performing arts industry and students realise them in production.

Performing Arts students are expected to perform to others in the group, other Academy students, parents, teachers and the community, with opportunities to work on the Agora stage with professional sound and lighting equipment and to see live professional theatre.

The Performing Arts GCSE provides a worthwhile and rewarding introduction to a wide range of personal and organisational skills, and students gain much in terms of self-confidence and teamwork skills, which are very valuable in the workplace.

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To watch the 2016 GCSE Performance Click Here

Here is a recent performance that took place in the Agora during an assembly.