GCSE Dance is ideal for students that wish to perform and express themes and emotions through a range of dance styles. Students will develop their knowledge of choreography and performance and have appreciation of professional works. GCSE Dance is a combination of practical with elements of written work included. The outline of the course is highlighted below:

Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance

  • Written paper
  • 20% of total mark
  • 1 hour
  • 50 marks

Students answer questions on two professional works, chosen by teacher and studied throughout the two year course.

Unit 2: Set dance

  • Practical exam
  • 20% of the total marks
  • 30 marks

Students perform one solo dance of approximately 1-1 ½ minutes from a choice of two set by AQA. The work is assessed on film.

Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group dance (related to a set professional work)

  • Controlled assessment
  • 20% of the total marks
  • 30 marks

Students perform in a duo/group dance, lasting 3-3 ½ minutes. Assessment includes marks for demonstration of knowledge of safe practice.

Unit 4: Choreography

  • Controlled assessment
  • 40% of total marks


  • Solo composition task
  • 15% of total marks
  • 20 marks

Each student selects tree motifs from a professional work and develops them into a dance of 1-1 ½ minutes.

  • Choreography
  • 25% of the total marks
  • 40 marks

Each student choreographs either a solo dance lasting 1 ½ - 2 minutes OR a group dance for 2, 3, 4 or 5 dancers, lasting 2 ½ -3 minutes.


All GCSE dancers will be expected to participate in shows and small performances that may be held at the Academy and represent the Academy at possible Dance event in the borough.


Dance kit consists of TOAN PE t-shirt and either TOAN PE black tracksuit bottoms or plain black leggings. Dancers perform every lesson in bare feet to allow foot techniques and exercises to be clearly demonstrated.

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