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Transition fortnight at TOAN

We are one of the few secondary schools in Oldham that offers a 2 day transition for every Year 6 student to help support their transition. In addition to this we are the only school to host our very own free 2 week summer school and additional welcome evenings, friendship evenings and settling in evenings throughout the year so it doesn’t matter if you’re the only student coming from your primary, you will be settle and have lots of friends by the time you start in Year 7.

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My role is make sure that every student has a happy, smooth and the best transition possible. Once there then here at the academy I want to ensure that I can support them throughout their entire journey.

As well as the students, I want to support the parents/carers as much as possible as well. Being a Y6 parent, it can be as nerve racking as it is for the students transitioning into secondary school. I welcome parents and carers to ring or visit the academy as often as they like as no problem is every too small.

 Getting the right support at TOAN

Please feel free to ring the academy to speak to myself or arrange an additional visit for you/your child at any opportunity. Alternatively you send me your details by email and I will get back to you as soon as I am available.

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